Upcoming Shows

November 2: W/Letters of Acceptance + OTTO + Delicate Delegate (Madison, WI).  Night Market/Lexington, KY. 8pm.

November 3: 
W/Letters of Acceptance + Even Tiles + Warren Byrom/Fabled Canelands.  Best Friend Bar/Lexington, KY. 10pm.

November 16: W/Letters of Acceptance + In the Pines and TBA  Mag Bar/Louisville, KY.  10pm.

November 17: W/Letters of Acceptance + JV Golf. Listing Loon/Cincinnati, OH.  9pm.

December 14: A benefit for Habitat for Humanity.  Various Lexington musicians playing music by Pink Floyd and the Kinks.  Cosmic Charlie’s/Lexington, KY.  10pm.

Recent Shows

July 22/17: In Close Quarters with the Enemy Release Party.  The Green Lantern/Lexington KY.  W/Volare String Quartet and Italian Beaches. 9:30pm.  21+.

July 23/17: CD Central/Lexington KY/in-store solo set. 3pm. All ages/free.

July 27/17: The Burl/Lexington KY.  W/The Tillers and the Kentucky Hoss Cats.  Details TBA.

August 14/17: Lexington Songwriters Series. Eastside Branch/Lexington Public Library. W/Chelsea Nolan. 6:30pm. All ages/free.

August 22/17: Willie’s Locally Known/Lexington KY.  W/Grizzly Goat.  8pm/all ages.

September 8/17: Raven House Living Room Series/Lexington KY/private show.  W/Suitcase Junket. 8pm. Contact for info.

September 9/17: PeteFest Music Festival/Louisville KY. Details TBA.

September 10/17: The Listing Loon/Cincinnati OH. W/Arlo McKinley. Details TBA.

September 17/17: W/William Matheny/Strange Constellations + Matthew McNeal.  Al’s Bar/Lexington, KY.

October 1/17: A screening of Arva (Orphan).  21c, Lexington, KY.  Free/all ages.

October 14/17: Private Event.  W/Cecilia Miller-Wright.

October 28/17: All You Can Give: A Benefit for Habitat For Humanity.  A collaborative of Lexington KY musicians performing Dark Side of the Moon.

December 3/17: W/Easy Fiction + Nativity Singers and Fuzz Cuzz.  The Green Lantern/Lexington, KY.

January 20/18: W/Jeffrey Lewis and Los Bolts.  The Green Lantern/Lexington KY. 9:30pm. 21+.

Feb 2/18: W/Easy Fiction.  The Green Lantern/Lexington KY.  W/Swamp Hawk, Ampline, and Jerk String. 9:30pm.  21+.

Feb 17/18:  The Green Lantern/Lexington KY.  W/Tim Welch, Willie Eames, Sam McWilliams, Kim Conlee, + Robby Cosenza. Opening dj sets by Matthew Clarke (WRFL/The Weekend Wave). 9:30pm.  21+.

Feb 23/18: W/Stamp+Ink.Gallery 5/Richmond, VA.  7pm/Free/all ages.

March 11/18: W/Steven King (Columbus, OH) and Yellow Cuss. Willie’s Locally Known.  8:30pm.

March 28/18: W/Jim Gleason.Red Barn Radio/The Performance Hall at ArtsPlace, 161 North Mill St/Lexington, KY.  8pm/$8/all ages.

March 30/18: A Tribute to the Songs of Jason Molina.W/William Matheny, Yellow Cuss, and others.  The Green Lantern/Lexington, KY/Details TBA.

April 28/18: Private event.W/Cecilia Miller-Wright.

May 8/18: W/The Binders (playing a ton of Fleetwood Mac).  Morehead, KY.  Moonlight Stage, First Street.  In support of David Ermold’s campaign.  8pm.

May 9/18: W/Jim Gleason.Lyric Theatre/Lexington, KY.  Noon/Details TBA.

May 19/18: W/The Binders (full performance of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours).The Burl/Lexington, KY.  Details/TBA.

May 20/18: Spoken word set as part of the Horse’s Mouth Story Series at West Sixth Brewing.  7pm-8pm.  All ages/free.

August 4/18: Solo set.  PeteFest Preview Event at Mile Wide Brewing/Louisville, KY.  7:30pm.

August 31/18: W/Letters of Acceptance + Robby Cosenza (The Fanged Robot, Horse Feathers) + OTTO.  The Green Lantern/Lexington, KY.  10pm.

September 1/18: W/Letters of Acceptance + Even Tiles.  Listing Loon/Cincinnati, OH.  9pm.

September 7/18: Solo set. PeteFest/Louisville, KY.  4pm.

September 7/18: W/The Binders as “Second Hand News” (an evening of Fleetwood Mac classics).  Christ the King Octoberfest/Lexington, KY.  8pm.

September 13/18: Solo set.  Jessamine County Public Library.  7:30pm. Free/all ages.

September 19/18: Solo set.  Opening for Josh Rouse and Bendigo Fletcher.  The Burl/Lexington, KY.

October 5/18: W/Letters of Acceptance + Big Momma Thorazine + Emily Woxihara Trio.  The Green Lantern/Lexington, KY.  10pm.

October 6/18: W/Letters of Acceptance + Big Momma Thorazine + TBA. Kaiju/Louisville, KY.  10pm.

October 12/18: W/Stamp+Ink (record release party).  Atlanta, GA.  Details TBA.


Scott Whiddon is available for solo, duo, and full band sets—for house shows, alternative listening spaces, or traditional venues. He also curates collaborative sets for events. Please use the contact page to drop a line. Thanks!